Is is possible to be at odds with yourself and still benefit from that struggle?

For my ninth birthday, my favorite gift was a Smithsonian Grow-Your-Own Crystals kit. On one hand, my inner chemist was giddy about the fact that I would be in possession of my very own beaker and petri dish.

On the other hand, as a pre-teen artist, there really wasn't anything more beautiful than the glittering edges of a purple gem. This truly was the best of both worlds. Not only could I map and observe the chemical reaction that built the crystal, I would actually grow the pretty rock myself.

That duality of interests went far beyond birthday gifts, and over time, it presented two competing forces: artist vs. scientist, right-brain vs. left-brain. I was given a choice: let creativity run unbridled as a true artist, or focus my analytical nature into a hard skill.

I chose both.

Now, I'm thankful for that ongoing tug-of-war and for the unique insights it gives me into broader perspectives. From years of direction and design as a photographer, I bring a natural tendency for empathy, as well as a passionate need to create effortless experiences. As an artist, I find joy in crafting visual delights. As a researcher and web developer, an innate need to explore and understand keeps me enthusiastic (sometimes oddly so) about chasing the best solution.

If you share a similar egoless enthusiasm and are looking to add more of it to your team, please reach out. I'd love to talk.

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